Uribe: The Judicial Investigation

Por Sebastián Narváez Medina
He is not only the former president of Colombia, but he is well known for being one of the most important republican leaders in Latin America

Hello Everyone My name is Sebastián Narváez, and I would like to welcome you to this section of The Latam Post, in which we briefly analyze different scenarios of Latin America’s political context.

Today we would like to share with you our analysis on the judicial investigation that has continuously put former president of Colombia Alvaro Uribe Vélez, in serious political danger over the past couple of weeks. Ans it would be good to begin this conversation by explaining to our audience who Uribe Velez is.

Well, he is not only the former president of Colombia, but he is well known for being one of the most important republican leaders in Latin America, and conservative politicians in Colombia. He is the head of a political party called Centro Democratico, which has been siting at the presidential palace in Bogotá for the past 3 years with president Iván Duque. This not to mention they do have a wide majority in congress.

Now! Lets get right to it. ! Just like any other major politician he does have a couple of hundred processes opened within the Colombian judicial system, nonetheless, in the last couple of weeks his investigation for witness tampering precluded. This, naturally, generated a political outrage in the Colombian opposition parties. So much so, that even a week after the judge made his final decision, the media is still talking about it.

Let me put it in black and white for you. Earlier this year Uribe Velez was put under house arrest. Many of his sympathizers argue this is a political conspiracy against their leader, making Uribe the first Colombian president to be put under house arrest. You must be asking why.. well… he is accused of procedural fraud and bribery.

It all began when in 2014 opposition leader Ivan Cepeda accused Uribe publicly of having ties to Colombian drug lords. He also accused him of founding a paramilitary group called Bloque Metro.

Naturally, Uribe sued Cepeda for defamation of his good name at the Supreme Court of Justice. The investigation began, yet in 2018 the court dismissed these accusations against Cepeda, and surprisingly started a new process against Uribe Velez.

Now. Let me tell you what happened thereafter. Just this one process involves 42 witnesses, but, the most important is a former paramilitary leader called Juan Guillermo Monsalve. Initially Monsalve testified against Uribe, but later he said he had been pressured by Cepeda, and decided to change his testimony. And later he changed his version for a third time while stating that Uribe’s lawyer, Diego Cadena, had forced him to. Others do say Cadena bribed them to testify in Uribe’s favor.

Indeed, I have just explained the case in a nutshell. There is more to it, but these are the basics. Now, I would like to share with you just five reasons for which there are allegations that all of this is a political maneuver and a conspiracy against Uribe.

  1. During the investigation Uribe’s lawyer asked the court if there were any parallel investigations against the former president and congressman. At the time judge Jose Luis Barceló said there were not, yet this was a lie because in 2018 this same judge called Uribe based on additional investigations against his count, and he publically said he would send Uribe to prison.
  2. It has been proven that the Supreme Court of Justice illegally intercepted Uribe’s communications, specifically from his mobile device. The court had access to all conversations coming from his phone, and even when it became a public scandal, they continued to do it.
  3. The court did not allow Uribe’s lawyer to interrogate the main witness against his count. Depriving him of his free right to question the witness who was testifying against him.
  4. Judge Reyes, from the Supreme Court as well, had been a real pain for this case. It has been proven that he held a contractor relationship with the previous government of Juan Manuel Santos. He has also forgot to inform such important thing, while discussing matters related to the Uribe case. And as you may know, Santos and Uribe. They do not get along anymore. Reyes has openly denied Uribe’s witnesses to testify, and while having potential material against Monsalve, the court has done nothing publicly know.
  5. Uribe resigned to his congressional seat. Therefore, his process has been transferred to the ordinary judicial system. Yet, while the process was taking place at the supreme court of justice, sensitive material regarding the investigation was purposely filtered to the press damaging his good name and reputation.

And these appear just to be the main reasons for which many of his sympathizers and others claim that it has been a conspiracy against the former president.

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