Por Gustavo Blanco Alenza
The Latam Post, periodismo sin ataduras

Last November 9, 2020 (date coinciding with the 31st anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall) the idea of this media was born in order to comply with the three journalistic principles of ethics, truthfulness and independence and its mission is to inform critically and responsibly.

We do not have any political commitments, ties or with economic interest groups. This allows us to fulfill the role of being the guardian dog of freedom and democracy.

From our spaces we seek the truth and the promotion of liberal principles, promoting debate among the various actors in society and the analysis of facts with expert voices in their areas.

The Berlin Wall (in German, Berliner Mauer) was a security wall that was part of the German internal border from August 13, 1961 to November 9, 1989. It surrounded and separated the area of ​​the Berlin city framed in the economic area of ​​the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG), West Berlin, of the capital of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) between those years. It is the best known symbol of the Cold War and of the division of Germany. This wall was called in the GDR «Anti-Fascist Protection Wall» (Antifaschistischer Schutzwall) and by the media and part of Western public opinion as «Wall of Shame» (Schandmauer).

The Berlin Wall fell on the night of Thursday, November 9 to Friday, November 10, 1989, 28 years after its construction. The opening of the wall, known in Germany as die Wende (The change), was a consequence of the demands for freedom of movement in the former GDR and the constant evasions towards the embassies of capitals of countries of the Prague and Warsaw Pact and across the Hungarian-Austrian border, which imposed fewer restrictions since August 23.

Although it has been 31 years since the demolition of that immense concrete wall that caused so much death, separation and pain, there are still some invisible walls that continue to cause damage.

Freedom, truth and prosperity are essential for each individual in a society to have the opportunity to develop their potential and achieve their life project.

Despite the advance of humanity, these elements are increasingly threatened by groups that wish to control power and impose a new order in which the citizen ceases to be master and becomes a slave.

These groups have managed to penetrate various sectors and power factors to gradually impose, through half-truths, misrepresentation and other manipulation techniques, narratives that change the perception of reality and allow them to clear the way to achieve their objectives.

Faced with these threats, the existence of communication media based on traditional journalistic principles is essential; media that have in truth and ethics their fundamental pillars and the main weapons to defend freedom.

Under that line, The Latam Post was born, a digital space with No Strings Attached with the mission of being a beacon that brings light where there is darkness, that serves as a guardian of truth and a guide dog for those who seek freedom.

Since last January 4 when we went on the air after a hard work of all the team, we are with you to speak honestly, to look and analyze the facts in depth and to fight tirelessly for freedom.