Russia arrests international journalists and Alexei Navalny’s doctors

Por Sebastián Narváez Medina
Médicos personales del opositor del Kremlin alertan que las autoridades rusas se niegan a tratarlo adecuadamente

Russia’s communist regime has arrested a reporter of the well-known news channel CNN. The arrest has also involved a group of doctors, who according to international media outlets, were protesting in front of where Navalny has been imprisoned. Their demands were to see Putin’s biggest political rival in a new era of politics for the country. Alexei Navalny has been a political prisoner of the Russian regime since January 2021, and he has been under a rigorous hunger strike for a week.

Human rights organizations and other actors of the international community pledge that there is no motive for such arrests to take place.

Among those arrested are CNN correspondent Matthew Chance, and journalists Dimitry Nizovtsev and Ksenia Pakhomova, coordinator of Navalny’s headquarters in Kamerovo.

These individuals have been taken to the ninth Police Department of Pokrov, a city located a hundred kilometers away from Moscow.

Personal medical staff related to Navalny has accused top level government officials in Russia for systematically violating their human rights

*Original note in Spanish by Dayana López, translated into English by Sebastián Narváez.